Troy Sanders, Mastodon, Brixton Academy, 2015. Photo by Gior Hirsch

“I like working with Tina because she makes you feel normal and natural. She doesn’t ask you to do stupid things with your body or hands or shit like that. She becomes almost invisible and makes you forget you are doing a photo shoot.”

Rodrigo, Rodrigo y Gabriela

“The results we get out of Tina’s work are fantastic. The photos she takes for us are creative and most importantly non-pretentious. She is a very talented young artist.”

Gabriela, Rodrigo y Gabriela

“Tina Korhonen finds beautiful, unusual, interesting locations for her photography shoots. She is sensitive to all needs and listens carefully to what everyone wants. Above all, she takes fabulous photos that I have always been really happy with. I thoroughly recommend Tina!”

Steve Hackett

With Ronnie Wood and assistant Sophie Abreu, 2015.

“I love photography with an edge and Tina’s certainly has that. She knows how to light a subject, doesn’t rely on Photoshop trickery to get results and makes it all look annoyingly effortless. She also has very cool taste in music, which is never a bad thing.”

Ben Hawkins, Practical Photography Magazine

“I was lucky enough to meet Tina on a Bass Guitar magazine cover shoot, and loved her work. I have hired her for a couple of Level 42 shoots since then, and look forward to our next shoot.”

Mark King, Level 42

“I first met Tina for some Spirit Caravan photos she was asked to do, and witnessed her incredible patience as I rounded up the boys in the chaos after a great London gig. We used one of those photos for the back cover of The Last Embrace. They are still my all-time favourite photos of that band. She has the magical knack of making her subjects comfortable and enthusiastic and she is now the only photographer I will use in Europe. She is simply the best – and she can easily get me to smile!”

Scott “Wino” Weinrich, The Obsessed, Saint Vitus, Hidden Hand, Spirit Caravan

With Michael Monroe at Metal Hammer Golden God Awards, 2015.

“I met Tina about 12 years ago in a bar somewhere, when she was recommended to do a shoot for our clothing brand Toxico. This involved a warehouse, three chicks, two guns and two very cool muscle cars. Sounded like a good day… and it was! Since then, we have worked together on around 20 different shoots, in various dark and dirty locations, with baseball bats, axes, and even a blow torch! She is bossy, questions every idea you might have, sometimes you have to pick her equipment up for her and even drive her home afterwards too….but with all of this, you get great pictures and have a good laugh.”

Gez McGowan, Toxico

John Fred Young, Black Stone Cherry, Download Festival 2015. Photo by Cosa Nostra PR.

Tina Korhonen is a music, portrait and editorial photographer whose work has been widely published, including in NME, Kerrang, Metal Hammer, Rolling Stone, The Observer, among others, and on album and book covers and artwork.

Finnish-born Tina started taking pictures at an early age with her father’s Canon AE-1. Her father was a keen amateur landscape photographer before she annexed his camera. Although Tina learned most of her skills by herself, with a little help from her father, in 2001 she enrolled on a Professional Photographic Practice course at the London College of Printing, now the London College of Communication. She also has an MA in Human Geography from the University of Helsinki.

An eight-page feature in Practical Photography Magazine, September 2005.

During and after completing the LCP course, she initially worked in IDS picture library, before taking the big step of earning her living solely from photography. Tina remembers the end of that era well: “I was sacked from the picture library for ‘my own good’ because I was always changing my hours to accommodate NME’s demands. Apparently my boss was doing me a favour and he also gave me a bonus on my last payday for my digital camera fund. He saw where my heart was and that I could do it.” That was a real kickstart for Tina’s career.

Tina’s style has been described as colourful, eye-catching, punchy and vivid. Although she loves black and white photography, her own images are mainly in colour. Tina was already using cross-processing long before mobile phone applications “rediscovered” that look.

Tina’s work has been published in many magazines and newspapers, including Acoustic, Bass Guitar Magazine, Classic Rock, Decibel (US), Drummer Magazine, Guitarist, Helsingin Sanomat (Finland), The Independent, Kerrang!, Metal Hammer, Metro, NME, Observer Music Monthly, Practical Photography, Rolling Stone, Rumba (Finland), Terrorizer and Total Tattoo. She is presented by Matrix Picture Agency and Retna, both of which can be found in IDS Picture Desk.

An eight-page feature in Practical Photography Magazine, September 2005.

Outside of editorial work, Tina’s current clients include Gibson Brands, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Steve Hackett, Toxico Clothing, Universal Music Group, Yamaha and Zildjian. Her pictures have been used in books, and on record covers and posters. Tina’s images can be seen in places as varied as on Cradle of Filth T-shirts, in Gretsch guitar marketing and promotion, on The Hives’ tour posters and occasionally even style and fashion magazines such as Elle and Vogue.

Features about Tina and her photography have appeared in the British Journal of Photography, Practical Photography, Kameralehti, Helsingin Sanomat (Finland), Nikon magazine and Kerrang!. She has also been a critic and a visiting columnist in Practical Photography.

Tina K has had six photographic exhibitions in the UK, Finland and France, the most recent being in the Gibson Showrooms in London’s West End between March and August 2016. Tina’s images appeared in the windows of Gibson after an exhibition of Pete Doherty’s paintings.

At her publisher’s request, she has been working on a long-term book project that combines her photography and life story.

Images in the gallery section are samples, and represent only a very small selection of her work.

Tina K uses Nikons (D5) and occasionally still a Hasselblad 501c.

For more information, please contact Tina via ‘Contact’ page.

An eight-page feature in Practical Photography Magazine, September 2005.

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